Leland Little Auction & Estate Sales, Ltd. (LLAES, Ltd.) is proud to have served so many people through the years. Here are some of the kind words they have shared with us.

Client Testimonials
“Thanks a lot for speaking at the Schley Grange last week. In several years of arranging for speakers, I don’t think we’ve had a more entertaining and informative session. Your enthusiasm and passion for your work were obvious, and your listeners were fascinated. Please add “public speaker” to the list of your many talents.”

Peter Kramer

“Dear Leland, Just a quick note of thanks for all that you did to make the 2012 Mardi Gras Ball a success. We are on track to exceed our goal for the evening with a net of over $220,000 for supporting our operations. We were fortunate to have you on board and appreciate the professionalism with which you approached our event and the results that came from that. I hope you have a wonderful spring.”

-Michele, Carolina Ballet

“On behalf of the Orange County Schools and the Hillsborough/Orange County Chamber of Commerce, we would like to thank you for allowing us to use your business facility to host: Education: It’s Orange County Business – Focus on Entrepreneurship forum. You were extremely generous to allow us to host the event at your site and we appreciate the support your staff provided us before and during the event. Thank you again for the use of your facility and for your involvement as a community member.”

-Margaret Cannell, Hillsborough/Orange County Chamber of Commerce
-Libbie Hough, Communication Matters
-Denise Morton, Orange County Schools

“There are truly no words that are adequate to express how deeply appreciative I am on behalf of Habitat and my volunteers for your representation of the Daingerfield oil. This will mean a lot to our organization during these challenging times…My very best as always to you and your wonderful staff , and thank you so very much again.”

Warm Regards,

“Dear Leland, You had the audience in the palm of your hand this morning at Kiwanis, and I thank you for the glow of satisfaction I felt at having produced an outstanding speaker. Both the Kiwanis Club and myself personally, thank you for taking the time and energy to make the presentation. You have an impressive organization.”

-Dianitia Hutcheson

“Hi folks, wanted to give a big thanks for the recent successful left bid for the Lincoln newspaper in the last auction. Great folks in the office, great shipping, spectacular item! Thanks again!”


“Dear Leland, Your January 1st Auction was a lot of fun for our family. We only wish the two youngest girls and my 76 year old father-in-law could have lasted the duration since we also came to buy art. The books are fantastic. We loved the fast paced bidding on individual books and on box lots. We buy from several auction houses and must say we need to focus more on yours. Leland Little Auctions is a total delight in fine merchandise, professionalism, class, and staffed with your wonderfully friendly, knowledgeable team of subject matter experts. The new facility is very comfortable and spacious. Your January 1st auction was definitely worth the drive. We have not found another auction house of your quality and integrity in North or South Carolina. Thank you for allowing our young daughters to have the thrill of bidding on the items they selected. Even better they won on 6 out of 8 lots. That was very cool! We buy thousands of books every year and you always amaze us with selection and richness of book quality and all that often with significant provenance. Very Best Regards for a Great and Prosperous 2010!”

-Jacquie & Joel Zabaldo, J&J Fine Books

“Leland, I was running around the Fur Ball the other night, keeping the logisitics in check. I ‘m certain that Mondy and company treated you well. I also made a digital recording on a laptop from the sound system of your fast talking call to action to make sure that the donors get charged what they pledged. You are incredible. This was the first year that I was able to see the majority of the live auction. With the economy as it is, I know that you and your skills are the major reason why we did as well as we did. If Mondy has not asked already, I would love to inquire about your availability for the 2010 Fur Ball on Sunday, October 3, 2010. Thank you again for all that you do for the animals of the SPCA.”

-Paul White

“Leland, I greatly appreciate the professional manner in which you took charge of my father’s collection. It was such a relief to have someone who could do such a great job. I hope in the future we can also do business.”


“The eagle has landed. I got the check and the paper work about the sale. As usual it was professionally done and I understood everything. Thank you so much for the very professional and efficient job that you did. I would certainly never hesitate to ask you to help me if I need to auction items in the future. I will also check you website for sales. You most likely do not need references, but I would be happy to give you my seal of approval anytime. I look forward to hearing how the sword sale goes.”

Many thanks,

“We got your check and I wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for the great job Leland Little Auction did in the sale of our Atmos Clock and the Rand Painting. You went the extra yard and developed the frame history for the painting which I am sure measurably increased the interest and price. We will definitely use Leland Little again should the occasion arise.”

-Hugh Maxey Morrison

“Good Morning, — Lee and I want to thank you so much for selling our items at your auction. Yesterday we received a very professional print-out with all items listed and price they sold for. We were impressed and thank you for the check. Also, we are more than pleased with the amount of money you got for our items. You certainly are good as your word (even better). It was a pleasure doing business with you. We hope we can attend one of your auction some time in the future when Lee is feeling better. Also, we have several pieces of furniture, etc. as well as some more pottery we may decide to sell and when we do you will be contacted. We cherish your friendship and look forward to staying in touch with you. Madeline”

-Madeline Elmore

“I wanted to send a note to say how impressed I was at my first Leland Little Auction. I traveled from little Washington, NC this weekend to the auction and had a great time. Thanks for the items I purchased and I look forward to the auction this weekend. Good luck.”

-Marvin Alligood

“We have received the pitcher, I have never in 15 years had service this good. Thank you.”

-Greg Pepin, Denmark

“Hello – and Happy Holidays, I wanted to take this minute to write you and congratulate you all on a job well done. I was a (somewhat) successful bidder in your Dec. 3 auction – on some of the Imperial German medals. I have to say I am very impressed with your company – from initial contact to the confirmation on my bids, post sale follow-up – even the shipper was great – called with a total and to say the package had left and when to expect it – quite nice to have in the usually user-unfriendly auction world. I have been in this business for 15 years as a staff member and assistant aucitoneer at a large New England Auction house, and your service is by far the best of any have received. Too many auctions bend over backwards for the high-rollers and forget that 90% of the business is helping the rest of us through the auction process. Please be sure to email me if there is another collection or even single pieces of German militaria in a sale – always looking to add to my collection. Again – thanks for doing a great job.”

-Peter Coccoluto

“Leland and Auction Staff, We have been in the Antique Business for years—-and have bought and sold items for as many—you have an outstanding auction and staff. I really feel that your honesty and truthfullness is far and above any auction house I have dealt with in the past. I truly want to thank all of you for making this auction experience a truly rewarding and fun time. We just got home from Winston Salem after visiting MESDA and are exhausted. I can’t express myself in the manner I would wish–but I will highly recommend and advertise you whenever and where ever I can. Truly Leland Little Auctions are a wonderful and trustworthy event. Thanks so much and I really look forward to working with you in the future. By the way, what was the attraction with the Cloisonne Vase—we’ll be looking for those !!! (HAHA) Sincerely, My crew wish you the best—- Jeff Cupp, Joe Hodges, Helen Cupp, (My Mother, she said to tell your mom that she is charming and would like to meet her again. Fred Campbell, (he is already talking about being there in June), Sam Stuffle.”

-Jeff Cupp

“Dear Leland, Thank you so much for conducting the sale of our North Carolina Pottery in such an organized and efficient fashion. Handling such a large number of objects certainly was not an easy job, yet everything was treated with great care and deference. The objects were well displayed prior to the sale, and we were very pleased with the results. You and your staff were professional, courteous, and prompt. The fact that you had online bidding as well as telephone bidding helped stimulate sales, I am sure. The online catalogue was also a great help and allowed potential buyers to be fully prepared for the sale. We were very happy with the final results. Again, many thanks for a fine sale.”

-Barbara Perry, Ph.D. Curator of Decorative Arts, Mint Museum, Charlotte, NC

“Dear Leland, On behalf of Capital Area Preservation, Inc. we would like to express our most sincere gratitude for helping to make the recent auction of artifacts from Raleigh’s Commercial National Bank building such a sparkling success. Throughout the entire process you and your staff displayed the utmost professionalism and attention to detail in the fulfillment of your responsibilities. From the initial assessment of the artifacts to the flawless execution of the auction itself, we express our earnest appreciation and thanks. While the tragic demolition of the Commercial National Bank building was a great loss to Raleigh’s historic landscape, the proceeds from this auction will give a substantial boost to the fulfillment of our organizational mission to protect Wake County’s rapidly dwindling historic resources. While we certainly hope such an auction does not have to occur again, we would certainly look to your firm as a partner in future endeavors, and would recommend your services to others.”

-Gary G. Roth Capital Area Preservation, Inc.

“Dear Leland, Just a quick note to say thank you and tell you what a pleasure it was to have you handle our estate. Your professionalism, knowledge and experience in the antiques and auction field was apparent and helped make our sale a success. I really appreciated your timeliness to all appointments, following through on all points that you promised and overall fairness and attention to detail. I would highly recommend your services to anyone and would be happy for you to use my name as a business referral.”

-Brenda Williams

“Dear Leland, Thank you so much for sharing your auctioneering skills so generously at the Durham-Orange Heart Gala. With your leadership, the Heart Association gained $19,000. during the Live Auctions portion of the evening, the largest amount ever. This in turn contributed to a net gain of $160,000. for the event, $15,000. greater than last year and our best year in the 12-year history of our benefit. So many people who attended the Gala commented on the excellence of your auctioneering. You conveyed the importance of the evening and demonstrated a great balance of timing, humor and professionalism. Also, I’d like to mention that we were privileged to have your associates, Beth Chappell (Little) and Pam Briggs, accept huge and essential roles in the success of the Heart Gala. As chairperson of the charity event, I consider myself to be the most fortunate person around, to have had the three of you help us reach a very successful conclusion for a very worthy cause. With best wishes and gratitude.”

-Mary Ann Peter Chair, Durham-Orange Heart Gala

“Dear Mr. Little, Although my friend and I have been to a number of estate sales in the Durham area over the past years, we have not encountered any as pleasant as the one you and your staff organized last Saturday. (I am in the habit of complaining about bad service and feel that it is only fair to compliment GOOD service!!) We particularly appreciate your thoughtfulness in providing coffee–it was a very civilized touch. We appreciate even more the superb attitude of you and your staff–one felt more like a guest than someone with a checkbook. In addition, yours was the first sale where anyone offered to carry out something I had bought (you carried out a heavy mirror for me, thanks again)! We look forward to your next tag sale in the area!”

-Hilary Brookes

“Oh gosh, how can we ever thank you for doing such a wonderful job?! We went to Sanford today to check everything out, and I was just amazed. I know you told us ahead of time how you advertised and contacted dealers, etc., but I don’t think it quite registered. I guess what didn’t register was how great your instincts are about things. Well, that is not true–because I noticed it right off. I saw how you subtly picked up on things we were thinking. But I didn’t realize until this week-end (while attending the sale) what a valuable asset that ability is when you’re making decisions during (and before) a sale– like when to accept an offer,and who to contact about an item for a sale…at any rate, I was truly impressed! Even more important to us than all that–you are really nice! And it was so much fun to work with you. So thank you, thank you!! I’ll give your name to everybody I know who is looking, and I know a lot of people with old parents. Stay in touch.”

-Scott Gwynne

“Just a quick note to say how very much I am enjoying the new website format . It is incredibly clean, professional and at the same time user friendly and fast . Awesome!”

-Monica Berry

“Dear Leland, Once again, thank you for delivering the day at the Fur Ball. Your talent and professionalism are life-saving gifts to the SPCA. For the animals, please accept my heart-felt gratitude for your compassion and support. You are simply the best, Leland – My thanks”

-Hope Hancock, Executive Director – SPCA of Wake County

“Dear Leland, I didn’t realize what I was inviting you to do yesterday – a combined audience waiting to be entertained…and entertain and educate you did! There is no question that you left the crowd wanting more; a convincing and fun program. Bet that each of those guys went home and said ‘Honey, you should have been at Kiwanis today!’ Personally, I’m glad I was there! Many, many thanks.”

-Janice, Office of Advancement, Trinity School of Durhamn and Chapel Hill

“Words cannot adequately express my gratitude to you for the fabulous job you did last night. I will look forward to reporting to you our successful numbers in the live and fund a night – don’t trust my tired brain to get the numbers right just yet but I’ll be crunching away at them this week. I am grateful for the way you drove home the importance of the mission and your enthusiastic approach to all of it. Thank you so much.

I didn’t even get to speak to you last night, and I’m sorry for that. I do hope you and your wife had a lovely time.

Thank you again. We are grateful for your support of Caring House!”


“Dear Leland, your consummate professionalism and energy make the Fur Ball the great, life-saving event what it is today. So many people ask me about you and your connection with the SPCA. I reply that we are so very lucky to have someone of your stature and compassion as our friend. Please accept my gratitude.”

-Hope Hancock, Executive Director, SPCA of Wake County

“Your service to buyer is the best among the auction houses. Thank you.”

-Jack Loh

“Dear Mr. Little, The members of the Carolina Meadows Antique and Collectible group were very impressed with your presentation last Tuesday. I have received many compliments about both your knowledge and information that you gave us about antiques at auction. Thank you for sharing your experiences with us. I really enjoyed your story about beginning with ‘old time’ farmers auctions! We all hope you can come again and speak to us in the near future.”

-Pepita Huddleston, Carolina Meadows

“Dear Leland Little and Team, we were so impressed with your auction this past weekend. As always, you are all so very professional, even under pressure. Thank you for the beautiful things we have collected at your exceptional auction house. With warmest regards and a VERY MERRY CHRISTMAS!”

-Frankie and Ken Lee

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